Courtois saga can supposedly be a good news for Arsenal Fans

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UEFA authorities did recheck some of the rules regarding a much talked about issues in the past few days as Chelsea and Atletico Madrid tied against each other in the 2014 Champions’ League semi-final. There were reports that the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois is not eligible to play against Chelsea because of a clause in his ‘on loan’ contract that if Atletico field him against Chelsea they’ll have to pay around $5m.

European Football Governing bodies checked the rules again and released a statement that Courtois is fit to play against Chelsea.

Loan deals have been debated on numerous occasions this season, with the most high profile opponent being Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Arsene said, “I believe that if you want to continue the system we have to make them available against the teams that loaned them out – or the system is not defensible. This is not something against Chelsea or Man City, it’s just that the whole system has to be considered.”

Wenger’s side were on the wrong end of a goal from a Chelsea loanee, Romelu Lukaku, when they lost at Everton a fortnight ago. Lukaku was ineligible to play in the two matches against Chelsea in the Premier League.

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