Cesc Fabregas getting closer to Arsenal after being abused by fans!

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It was a tough day when Cesc Fabregas decided to quit Arsenal for Barcelona which was accepted by Arsenal fans with a pinch of salt. Since then it has been a dream. But the odds are that the dreams might come true and fills the hole which was left in the team by his departure.

The nightmare continues for the Spanish midfielder, as the frustration of the Barca fans has started to boil over into anger which they are constantly venting at him in the form of whistles, boos and abuse from the stands.

According to Daily Mail, The Barcelona manager has spoken to Cesc Fabregas about this matter and the way it has affected his composure over the last few months.

His team-mates are not happy about it, as he is a local boy and is very popular in the dressing room, while the current manager is clearly a fan, having played Cesc in nearly every game this season in all competitions.

Now its upto Cesc that whether he wants to stay at Barcelona or not, but if it’s a ‘no’ then it really not be much of a problem to bring him back where he belongs.

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