• 2012 Olympic Games - Closing Ceremony

    Closing ceremony of London Olympics 2012

    Speaking with great pride during the closing ceremony of London Olympics 2012 Seb Coe considered London Olympics 2012 a great success and thanked for a wonderful farewell to London Olympics 2012. he told that “On the first day of these …..

  • 2012-olympic-medals

    Leading Medal winners in London Olympics 2012

    The London Olympics 2012 finally came  to end .The London Olympics 2012 was clearly dominated by USA .They won 104  medals  including  46 golds  which is a big achievement .China is not  far  with 87 medals including  38 golds .Great Britain utilized their home advantage  and …..

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    England’s oh sorry Team GB’s penalty curse

      Penalty shoot out curse again hit  Stuart pierce’s  men as Great Britain lost to South Korea  on penalties 5-4.Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge missed the final  penalty which ended Great Britain’s hopes of  a medal .Great Britain  found some decent chances in the match …..

  • Luis Suarez”Why we were Booed” ?

    The Uruguayan and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has blasted the  team GB’s supported for booing the Uruguay’s national Anthem .On Wednesday night  Uruguay lost to team GB and was eliminated from the London Olympics 2012  but Suarez is not  angry on the elimination ,rather he is upset and livid …..

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    London Olympics 2012 schedule 2nd August 2012

    The whole Schedule of London Olympics 2012 for 2nd August 2012 is     Archery Time Event 9:00 - 9:13 Women’s Individual 1/8 Eliminations 9:13 - 9:26 Women’s Individual 1/8 Eliminations 9:26 - 9:39 Women’s Individual 1/8 Eliminations 9:39 - 9:52 Women’s Individual 1/8 Eliminations 9:52 - 10:05 Women’s Individual …..