BREAKING: Board Gives Arsenal manager a Two Week Deadline!

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Arsenal this season have reigned on top of the Premier League for 128 days which is staggering considering they now just find themselves one point ahead of Everton for qualifying for the Champions’ League berth. Majority of the blame should be put on the manager without a shadow of a doubt.

Tactically, Wenger has been weak after the start of the season. Playing highline against the two counter attacking sides like Chelsea and Everton was the reason of Arsenal’s demise and as a result the fans have had enough of him.

News is that Wenger has been given a two week deadline by the Board to save his future at Arsenal with all depending on the FA cup glory which Arsenal are still surviving in.

Champions League football has followed ever since but a lack of silverware has left fans of the club split down the middle regarding the future of the former 64-year-old.
Many of the club’s fans are keen to see him stay, yet others would like to see a new coach take over and attempt to win some much awaited silverware.

Whilst the future of several players at the club continues to roll on, the board have now instructed Wenger to release his decision in the next two weeks.

It is understood that they feel that is enough time for them to deal with his decision, should it be to stay or go and leave them finding a replacement.

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